UHF RFID Antennas

Choosing a passive UHF RFID antenna can be a confusing task to those who are new to RFID. Passive RFID antennas typically look physically similar, so it is primarily their technical specifications that set them apart from each other. When selecting an RFID antenna, the three most important specifications to consider are frequency range, gain/beamwidth, and polarization. We will discuss these factors below to help you better understand UHF RFID passive antennas.

Frequency Range

Each country has regulations that specify the frequency ranges for UHF RFID transmissions within that country. The three most prevalent frequency ranges for UHF RFID antennas are:

  • 902 - 928 MHz (US/FCC).
  • 865 - 868 MHz (EU/ETSI).
  • 860 - 960 MHz (Global).