Asset / Inventory Tracking

Locate asset in real-time and reduce costs by using an advance asset management and optimization solution from PT. Global Trend Asia.


We often struggle with ensuring availability of asset / inventory in the right location. We spends valuable time searching for the asset / inventory. Additionally, failure to optimally stage critical asset can lead to under-utilization of scarce assets and, ultimately, additional costs of rental equipment. Loss of asset due to theft or accidental removal from a facility, further increases the cost of the company.


PT. Global Trend Asia asset management system is ideal for complex environments. The solution utilizes RFID technology and information from a wide range of other sensor systems. Assets are tagged with low-cost RAIN RFID tags while gateways that are installed into ceilings and walls continuously read the tag data. This always-on system provides valuable, real-time information to end users about asset location, status, availability, usage history as well as automatic alerts if asset is removed from a location. Built-in analytics capabilities can deliver additional insights to optimize use of asset and lower rental asset costs.

Solution Capabilities

  • System-wide visibility into equipment utilization across multiple locations.
  • Manage large numbers of asset of all shapes and sizes using low-cost RAIN RFID.
  • Analytics that track asset usage patterns.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications in the event of asset theft or accidental removal.

Your Benefits

  • Enable staff to locate asset efficiently.
  • Reduce asset rental costs.
  • Help ensure the right asset is in the right place at the right time.
  • Reduce loss of asset due to the theft or accidental removal.