Vehicle Tracking

Companies globally are gaining competitive advantage by deploying RFID for vehicle tracking applications ranging from tolling and border control to fleet and fuel management.

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

In Maharashtra, India, RFID enables fast vehicle processing times and improved traffic flow at border checkpoints. Readers and antennas in checkpoint lanes verify vehicles that are RFID-tagged without manual inspection.

RFID is also reducing crossing time at Promofront's Mexico-United States border crossing point. AVI solution collects tolls from users and verifies travel documentation by reading RFID tags placed on windhshields.

Real-Time Fleet Management.

Trucking companies and fueling stations are also benefiting from RFID. Love's Travel Stops and TravelCenters of America have become attractive fueling spots for truckers since installing RFID solution which enables cardless fueling and reduces fueling time and theft. And through web portal access, truck carries can monitor 'real-time' truck purchases, including trends and statistics such as where, when, volume, etc.

Italian transport company Settentrionale Trasporti achieves real-time fleet management with RFID. They used an Impinj Indy-based RFID reader specifically for fleet management applications. An internal antenna reads the driver's RFID-tagged badge, while an external antenna registers the tag on truck trailers. The reader can connect to a mobile phone with GPS via Bluetooth technology so the server has real-time information on truck location, driver and contents.

High Speed RFID

UHF RFID also performs well at high speeds. The Saudi Railway Project utilizes a solution from Impinj Speedway readers to perform safety checks on high speed trains traveling at 250 km/hr.

NASCAR uses RFID to verify chassis certification and proper tire use. Speedway Revolution readers successfully identify the moving car's metal chassis and all tires despite the challenging read environment.

Whether for metal, outdoor, high speed, long or short range applications. UHF RFID has vehicle tracking covered. If you are interested in learning more about how you can succeed with RFID vehicle tracking, please contact us.